Welcome to the Service Portal

FreshTrak is a data insights tool created by food banks for food banks and agency partners empowering us across the country to pinpoint opportunities to serve our hungry neighbors.

PantryTrak is Becoming FreshTrak

For all of us that are engaged in hunger relief we acknowledge that our work extends beyond the services of the food pantry. Read more about our "fresh" new approach to how this technology platform supports the broader work of ending poverty.

FreshTrak: Service

FreshTrak:Service (formerly PantryTrak) is a simple-to-use, cloud-based software designed to gather insights that will help you better serve your customers. By creating a streamlined customer intake process, partners are able to rely on a limited staff or volunteer base. The robust reporting tools are created specifically with agency partner and foodbank needs in mind. FreshTrak offers the opportunity to track not only food services such as TEFAP and CSFP, but also comprehensive services such as community referrals, clothing, as well as back-to-school and holiday programs. Each data point builds a better understanding of existing services, allows identification of gaps, and empowers users to learn from their data.

How We Work Together

+ Our Data

Using the data from the day to day work done to understand the basics about who you serve. Gain access to advanced demographics and analytics for grants and operational improvements.

+ Our People

For years we’ve lived our mission everyday — partnering with our neighbors, customers, and food banks to bring everyone closer to our goal of ending hunger.

+ Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to health and wellness by building transformational platforms and partnerships that push beyond what’s on your dinner table.

+ Improve Efficiencies

Our electronic data collection allows instant insights while reducing paperwork dependencies for agency partners. Collect required demographic data and have monthly reporting requirements met with the click of a button.

+ Improve Services

Create streamlined experiences from customers, agencies, food banks, partners, and the community by offering a single platform that will align all players.

+ Improve Outcomes

Use a data driven approach to target the needs of the community and to change the conversation around hunger.

+ How FreshTrak is Being Supported by Feeding America

FreshTrak (formerly known as PantryTrak) is fully supported and owned by Feeding America. Through Feeding America's leadership, we are able to build on years of learnings from within the network and provide additional value by modernizing and more fully supporting the evolution of a no-cost option.

The decision and path forward has been vetted and endorsed by Feeding America leadership, the NAC, and the Connect Council, and with the following goals in mind:

  • To meet network needs for timely neighbor insights by optimizing data and technology
  • To ensure equitable access to tools and technology for all food banks and agencies in the network
  • To support the evolution and integration of technology systems based on network needs and not profitability
  • To optimize the use of financial resources by significantly reducing network costs of paying for service insights technology and accessing data, while adding value for the network

Feeding America is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. We support food banks, food pantries, and meal programs with food, funds, and advocacy. Together, we reach 40 million people in need of food every year. You can learn more about Feeding America on its website FeedingAmerica.org.